Hello! I am a iOS Software Engineer

Self-directed and motivated Mobile Software Engineer who works effectively in a dynamic environment. Fluent in Objective-C and Swift. Spend most of my spare time doing Hackathons based on new technologies. I like also attending many iOS conferences and developing personal App on the App Store and even Google Play Store !. Then when coding is finished, I take time to share my passion by writing articles about challenges or personal projects on Medium to share what I have been faced and how I have resolved them. you can read some of them here

Basic Information
+971 585 60 22 12 / +44 (0)7 46 47 69 250
Dubai, Al Barsha 1, U.A.E
English, French
Professional Skills
Latest Work Experiences

April 2018 - Present

Emirates Airline - Dubai, UAE
Senior iOS Software Engineer

Implementing new business features related specifically to Emirates (Baggage allowance, Chauffeur Drive, etc). Migrating an Obj-c code base to a Swift 4 MVVM-C Architecture with a Protocol Oriented Programming code style guidelines

May 2017 - April 2018

Poq Studio - London,UK
Senior iOS Software Engineer

Contributed to build an SaaS SDK for UK Retailers as Boohoo, Misguided and such more to make there App released and growing faster along side using to cutting edge features. Used Swift Protocol oriented Programming architecture and Test Driven approach with a focus on UI Test. Generic project generation with GYP and XCodeproj ruby script in order to avoid conflicts on project files.

November 2016 - April 2017

Travelex - London, UK
iOS Engineer

Improved the user engaging process strategy by implemented feedback, remote push notifications and in-app messaging TouchID and Swrve for in-App Messages. Implemented a transaction Cache management and an Offline Mode with Core Data.
Implemented certificate pinning and jailbroken device control for security compliance.
Travelex Hackday 2016 :Amazon Alexa Skill with NodeJS and MQTT Prototcol in order to get the last transaction of your Supercard product by voice control.

August 2015 - November 2016

MyDrive Solutions LTD - London, UK
iOS Software Engineer

Worked on B2C and B2B Projects regarding the insurance telematics App in order to monitor the driving behaviour of an users for Insurance purposes.
Architected and design core features as Bluetooth LTE car pairing, driving detection with Core Motion, Auto-Stop with Visit API and Core Location metrics.
UI Test Automation with AWS Device Farm. IOT Communication Protocol for smart devices in the car such as MQTT.

January 2013 - July 2015

France Pari - Toulouse, France
Mobile Software Engineer (iOS and Android)

Built Universal Gaming App (Netbet, French Store) and one Android app (named France Pari, Self-managed by company website).
Created a complete and private native Event Source Library for iOS And Android based on Server Sent Event technology with real time event for live match scoring updates. Managing realtime financial transactions with websockets an QoS inside encrypted tunnels.
Designed a complete REST API with PHP and Zend Framework based on France Pari website based features to contains High traffic level


2011 - 2014

Master's Degree
Master of Information Technology

Supinfo International University

During those year I was a teacher assistant for iOS and C programming courses for 1st and bachelor level classes. I was assigned to lectures and practical exams

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Dubai, U.A.E


+971 58 560 22 12 / +44 (0)7 46 47 69 250